Election Manifestos

To aid Lions who want to make a decision about which captain to choose, here are the manifestos from the African National Congress, Fascist Party Italia and Poland’s Solidarnosk parties:


ANC – Leader: Chancy


Right so, I feel we have a great bunch of players both on and off the pitch. When we play good football we do it really well and there isn’t that much that I would change. I realize that this is a very social football club and I’m all for it, but i know how we all like to win and hate to lose. As it’s impossible to always win there are one or two things I think we could do or practice that would increase our chances of a) enjoying our games b) winning our games.


I would like to have an actual practice session. I grew up with these I actually enjoyed them, and they helped. I would head these practices and essentially we could work through some of the situations we can’t practice playing 7 a side.
1. Once a week, “game at the end” kind of practice.
2. These practices would be focused on a few things
a. throw ins (variations)
b. long passing
c. short passing
d. crossing
e. shooting
Nothing hectic for all the female lions. Mora.

Firstly, we need to warm up properly.

I couldn’t tell you what formations I was going to play as I don’t know who’s going to show up as majority of us drink. I am a fan of a 4-4-2 but I think we could operate with a 4-3-3 equally well. Formations will largely depend on the league and our situation within that league (who we are playing, how they are lining up, etc .).

Everyone will play as this is a social club, and the CPL is a great opportunity for this with the “Rolling subs” rule. BML would be more competitive ;  gents who practice and arrive on time will play.

“Not written in stone I realize we all have lives and drink”

Gees: Keep boozing, keep loitering at 7 elevens, keep enjoying our football.

Bitching on and off the field should be outlawed, but there is always a place for constructive opinions.
That time and place is not on the sidelines and not immediately before/after games.

Everyone has their say about how football should be run, practiced, and of course played. I no doubt would be willing to listen to opinions at appropriate times and read and respond to emails. I for one enjoy the ball on the deck through the middle, movement off the ball is key and support for positions both during attack and defense.

We support each other on the Field we drink together off the field and talk about supporting each other on the field. That’s how it should continue.

And of course Rooney I would have asked you anyway

Fascist Party Italia – Leader: Christian


the team is what matters and each single Lion is a member of the team. Everybody is getting the minutes on the pitch, sometimes more and sometimes less. Before Rob’s E-mail about Andy volunteering for the vice captain position I was thinking to make sure that the captain and the vice captain should be in turns on the sidelines. Andy’s decision is highly welcome at this stage!!!
How to run the Red Lions:

1. Against strong teams we will play the stronger players and still give the playing time to the weaker players.
2. Against weaker teams the playing time will be shared more evenly.
3. Discipline and responsibilities on the pitch should be worked out.
4. The CPL will give us lots of playing time to try several position changes and try some standard situation tactics.
5. The formation which applied well to us was the 3-5-2 and that is what most of time we will do.
6. Warming up is a way to get ready for the game. I want everybody to be part of it and be ready. It isn’t hard. You shouldn’t sprint without warming up because that causes injuries.
7. Build a team with so many good players should be easy but it is a piece of work which I am willing to do.
8. Training, we need to work a bit more on passing and moving without the ball. Essential!!!
9. Support and build up each player is my new target instead of shouting him to hell!!! Support is important especially when mistakes are made………!!!! COME OOOOOON Alex, I think you all remember these calls.
10. I might not be available most of time for the beers at 7-11 or the sessions in Carnegies after the games, because I have also other duties at home but I have always an open ear for criticism, good and bad.
11. I am a winner type and I am very ambitious. Let’s try to do it right and show CPL, BML, Tournaments the new face of the Red Lions.
12. Have fun playing football and win what is to win!


Solidarnosk – Leader: Polish Rob


I will carry on with Andy’s way. Which means, we try to win every game but everyone will get some minutes on the pitch (excluding TB), except we play a decider in the CPL and an additional substitution would jeopardize the positive outcome of the game.
As for the tactics, I would try to play mostly with 2 strikers and a 442 or 352 formation. Everyone will be told his position before the game and his tactical route/role. I am not a big fan of together-warming-up procedures because we have players in a range of 19-49 years old, and older people need a different warm up procedure than younger once. Nevertheless, we will have short sprints 10 minutes before kickoff (4-5 minutes) to ensure that everyone is awake straight from the beginning.
So basically not many changes to the last captain, as I think he did a great job, there might be some experiments with players on different positions though, especially because the substitution rule in the CPL makes it possible.


About Mao

Chairman Mao. The man who takes the Taipei Red Lions to new depths of corruption. Hands out more fines for more reasons than any man in history. Thinks he's a good keeper, but try sending in a cross for him to take. But he writes a mean match report. And even occasionally buys a round himself. And he keeps the Politburo in check.
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